OFSTED May 2013 - ST Anne's is a good school.

St. Anne's Roman Catholic Primary School



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Welcome to St Anne’s and our school website. I hope you will find the site informative and easy to navigate. The website has the basic information that should help you to begin to form an idea of what life at St Anne's may be like


I was  appointed as Head Teacher at St Anne's on 1st September 2011. St Anne's staff have continually looked for ways in which to enhance and enrich our pupils’ education and indeed all the members of our community and we will continue to do this. We work very closely with our parents to ensure a true partnership exists and seek both parent and the pupils’ views to check life at St Anne’s is still fun, safe and challenging.


As a Catholic school we thrive on our ethos, which is to nurture the whole child in an environment that is fully inclusive and not selective.

We operate an open door policy in terms of listening to parents and pupils. Therefore it is important that any problem, no matter how small, should be brought to our attention. Politeness from all is an expectation when involved in discussions and an understanding that sometimes decisions have to be made in the interests of all and not just in the interest of one.

Do feel free to contact our school secretary, Mrs Curley, to arrange a visit. Visits are encouraged during the school day when you can see the pupils enjoying learning through work and play.

Mrs Karen Orrell

Head Teacher


for further details contact Mrs Curley

St Anne's RC Primary
Moss Bank
M8 5AB
tel:0161 740 5995











School Aims



St. Anne’s aims and associated objectives are based on well formulated and long established traditional Catholic values, and on explicit philosophies and beliefs.



  • We aim to provide a warm, happy and secure environment within which successful learning can take place which reflects the diversity of race, gender and the inclusive nature of our school.



  • We aim to enable individual children of all abilities to develop spiritually, physically, socially and intellectually in the fullest possible way.



  • We aim to encourage the children to have a spirit of responsibility, compassion and thoughtfulness towards each other.



  • We aim to help give each child experiences to stimulate imagination and to encourage the full development of intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, moral and social potential.



  • We aim to provide an opportunity to develop the children’s understanding of and tolerance for other cultures. The aim is to provide equality for all children and to help them reach their full potential.



  • We aim to encourage children to appreciate those interests and activities which make life full and enjoyable and rewarding.



  • We aim to help children to learn about themselves and their own immediate environment and to set this knowledge in the context of the wider society



  • We aim to involve parents in the education of their children and to seek their help in our efforts to teach good manners, self discipline and behaviour which is acceptable to all.




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